1. Xgd3 And Ap2.5 Patch Games 2.dashboard Update?

Discussion in 'ABGX Game Verifications' started by tayser, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. tayser

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    1. XGD3 and ap2.5 patch Games

    I have a problem if i want to play mw2, it dont even start (blackscreen)

    I tried to patch it with abgx360 -> blackscreen

    I tried to patch it with title update (xbuc>dot<net) -> blackscreen

    I have LT+ 3.0

    what am I doing wrong?

    2. Dashboard update?

    If i connect my xbox360 with the internet it wants to update.
    -schould i update?

    the last time I update ill get a error code (after half yeahr i decidet learn how to flash a xbox360 and flashed it to LT+ 3.0, now its all fine ^^)

    1.What am I doing wrong at patch cod mw2?
    2.Schould i update my xbox360 to the latest dashboard

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