Discussion in 'Call Of Duty: Black Ops' started by fallout skills, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. fallout skills

    fallout skills Newbie

    has modding/hacking been done on black ops yet?

    and if so can it be done with iso...
  2. i24

    i24 Administrator Staff Member

    I think is really rare as treyarch is cracking down hard and banning/resetting.

    I think jtags are getting instaban so theres no really crazy stuff going on I believe
  3. lopez.isai

    lopez.isai Member

    if I play first strike on live will I get banned? (I got the dlc from this siite)
  4. Mr. Delrico

    Mr. Delrico Senior Member

    It's a possibility, but no one knows for certain
  5. izerom

    izerom Substitute Teacher

    No, I have escalation right now. Playing on LIVE :)
    I think reason being they can't detect it, therefor everyone I know is getting it for free.

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