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Discussion in 'ABGX Game Verifications' started by Cormag, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. Cormag

    Cormag Newbie

    Hi i verified assassins creed brotherhood on abgx,everthing is green on the left and it has ss.2 trusted it says basic stealth passed,but on the right hand side there is something in yellow saying antipiracy 25,so that being said i just want to know it everything if fine so i dont get banned from live?or do i need to patch something to get rid of the yellow antipiracy 25 any help would be great thx
  2. Stealth

    Stealth Moderator

    It is fine just elling u it is a ap25 game so u need to have lt+ to run it or a sammy drive with LT
  3. Cormag

    Cormag Newbie

    thank very much!!!
  4. hazielquake

    hazielquake Newbie

    Is there a chance that having a BenQ with LT + v1.1, and a game downloaded from here (Need For Speed Hot Pursuit NTSC, that says it's already patched) and yet it won't boot? I tried a lot of times until the console would recognize the DVD, when it did, it said it was dirty, I reflashed the Drive, and then it won't read at all, this game, other games work fine!
    Oh, and also the ISO was scanned by abgx360 to autofix level 3!

    OK! Update! Apparently I didn't have the right firmware in my DVD drive, coz I re downloaded the LT+ for BenQ and flashed, and then burned the game again, and it worked nice and good. So then I downloaded Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, and it also worked. So... My bad!
  5. diddy32

    diddy32 Newbie

    Is Mlb 2k11 Verified Yet????

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