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  1. fallout skills

    fallout skills Newbie

    do i have to burn a movie to a disc to watch it after i download it b/c i dont have a dvd burner or dvd+r duel air disc's any ways please help asap
  2. IxXFinnyXxI

    IxXFinnyXxI Senior Member

    no download vlc media player google it its free awesome program all you can use window media but sometime windows media player doesn't have the right codecs so download vlc trust me
    here a link dont forget to plus rep if i help
  3. Ozzie

    Ozzie Newbie

    I download everything to the laptop then just conect the laptop to the main tv or one in the bedroom and audio, beats using discs.
  4. rdrkiller

    rdrkiller Member

    Or your can get yourself a network hard drive & play them thorugh your xbox 360

    Hard drive prices are really crashing & the moment so nows the time to buy

    WD WorldBook is a good one

    Hope this helps

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