Can I Convert Xgd2 Iso To Xgd3

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by aceone, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. aceone

    aceone New Member

    can i convert xgd2 iso to xgd3
    I have the latest dash and lt 3.0
    I cannot find fifa 12 xgd3 iso but i have fifa 12 xgd2 iso
    Thx in advance
  2. aceone

    aceone New Member

    cannot believe i have not had a reply to this. Were are all the members with the knowledge :-(
  3. i24

    i24 Administrator Staff Member

    I am surprised ririe,hex or ghost haven't reply here
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  4. rema

    rema Moderator Staff Member

    Why do you need to convert ??

    You just burn xgd2 (abgx check first) and that is it

    Btw you can't convert it, you can convert from XGD3 to XGD2
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  5. Ghost ic0n

    Ghost ic0n Helpful Member*

    Sorry people, I was away for a bit in the previous days. Got addicted to playing Valkyria Chronicles 2 on my bro's PSP. :)

    As for your question, I don't see the point exactly, in converting an XGD2 game to XGD3 format. XGD2 games burn quicker, play sleeker, and apply little pressure on the Xbox 360 drive's laser resulting in longer laser life. Why convert it in that case? Simply patch it following my XGD2 patching tutorial located in the tutorials section, burn on Verbatim DVD+R DL (Made in Singapore version only! Availalbe at for purchase) discs using Liteon iHAS B chip (also available at drive flashed with iXtreme Burner MAX FW (tutorial in the Flashing forum of the tutorials section). Done.

    BTW, you can't convert XGD2 titles to XGD3 titles. Converting it means to magically pack all the security elements XGD3 titels contain into an XGD2 format game. Not possible unless you work at Microsoft.
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