Dead Island Save Editor

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    Download Here

    things you need: usb transfer cable/flash drive, xport 360 (free), modio (free), winrar (free), your gamesave (obviously)

    1. Open your Save_0 (confile) with modio/lefluffie/horizon/ ect.
    2. extract the save from the confile.
    3. open your extracted save with 7-zib/winrar, and extract it somewhere. Do not close 7-zib/winrar yet.
    4. edit the second extracted save with the editor, and make changes.
    5. Hit save and close the editor.
    6. drop your edited save to 7-zib/winrar.
    7. then goto your confile and replace the Save_0
    8. rehash/resigh, and enjoy. *modio works great to rehash and resign*

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