Decent Winterboard Theme Anyone?

Discussion in 'Apple Products Discussions' started by R0ckoria, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. R0ckoria

    R0ckoria Well-Known Member

    Does anybody know of a good Winterboard theme for the iPod Touch (2G) 4.2.1? I find a lot of them very half-assed. And yes, I know my iPTouch is old, don't remind me.
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  2. i24

    i24 Administrator Staff Member

    Download an app from cydia called ThemeIt which will show you all the themes available in cydia based on ratings,etc

    You can add repositories and be able to download paid themes for free (Just in case you didnt know which you probably did)

    Ayecon,Edgy HD,Prestige HD,iFlat,Revi-krs seem to be pretty nice ones
  3. R0ckoria

    R0ckoria Well-Known Member

    Okay, thanks! And yeah knew about the repo thing, I haven't paid for a single thing (game or otherwise) for a year, hate paying for these kinds of things.
  4. rema

    rema Moderator Staff Member

    iFlat has great themes. This is one of the fav


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