'dise' Dead Island Ultimate Save Editor 'adjust Everything'

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    Some don't know how to rep just press the plus sign on the lower right section of the page that saiz rep :throwball:

    now the tutorial and the link: http://www.mediafire.com/?s4sspp1pi58fklb

    1 extract the save by any program of your choise horizon,modio etc(i prefer horizon because its easier)
    2 after the extraction to a familiar place (so you can find it) drag it in horizon or modio
    3 go to contents of the save and extract it to a familiar place but not in the same spot as the save you extracted before because it will replace it
    4 open dise go to file and open the contents of the save (is the second thing you extracted it has the same name as the save)
    5 choose the items,level,skill, etc you want, go to file again,and save
    6 and the last thing is open again the save_x(x=number of your save) not the content if you open the content in horizon it will say error and stuff like that and go to contents and replace the content with the modified one that you save with dise save,rehash,and resign,save to devise and your done!!!

    if your having a problem tell me so i can upload the video i made to help you
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    tnx man you have been very helpfull this is awsome

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