Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim(84/100)

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    Game Mechanics(4.5/5): [PROS]: Very Natural Controls, Feels smooth [CONS]: If your a FPS Gamer may take a little bit of time to get used to the controls

    Fight Mechanics(3/5): [PROS]: Feels just like Oblivion with some shining here and there, The difficulty DOES AFFECT A HUGE DIFFERENCE [CONS]: Feels a little "sticky", Even on the lowest difficulty you die quite often(P.S. I am a Level 40 Warrior with Legendary Dragon Bone Armor and Daedric Weapons), Regeneration of Health SUCKS ASS, Uses more stamina on charged attacks then it should in real life :/

    Physics(3/5) [PROS]: VERY FORGIVING on fall damage, Arrows have a slight Rise after shooting arrows(P.S. I am a AVID archer) [CONS]: As I mentioned Before VERY FORGIVING on fall damage if you move your character to have IDK like 10,000HP and jump of the path way to the College of Winterhold you can survive with roughly around 3,000HP with certain jumps like that I believe that Bethesda should have added coding for after a certain height of a jump you should just die.

    Graphics(10/5): [PROS]: Very Beautiful graphics if your PC can handle it even on console which usually has worse graphics, small details are engraved in to the walls and floors, Water, fire, lightning, ETC looks so smooth and just astounding [CONS]: There are many graphic bugs that are just a huge downside to the game which I really hate

    Story(3.5/5): [PROS]: A tense story that will keep you wanting more! Fighting Dragons, Making decisions that will make impacts on your future, Betrayal, Hard work, and over all amazing! [CONS]: Ugg sadly the story lacks some background details so you might have to pick up Oblivion, Seems a bit Short, Big decisions have small effects I wish it was more like Mass Effect Games D:

    Quests(5/5): [PROS]: Astounding, So much more content that will make up for story, Bringing in EXCLUSIVE weapons and armor you would only get doing them, It will make you jump at what happens in some quest lines especially the Companion Quest Line, Small Little Quests to quench you thirst for blood and battle! [CONS]: Many quests and weapon opportunities can be striped from your grasp [SPOILER ALERT INBOUND] such as if you side with the Stormcloaks for Civil war quest line Sam Guevvene(A.K.A. Daedric Lord Sanguine)can be killed in the battle for Whiterun so you wont be able to get Sanguines Rose.

    Customization(4.5/5): [PROS]: Loads of races to choose from, Tattoos, Battle Scars, Hair, LOVE the customization you can go full out bland generic Nord(Like I did :)or you can go super crazy like a Furball Kahjit [CONS]: Sadly you can change hair to exotic colors like Blue or even Purple :(, Can't moves battle scars to a certain area on your face it is in a fixed area :(

    My Side Notes: I wish when you kill Alduin at the end you can loot him during a split second because for a sec it says "Search Alduin" but nothing happens, I wish you can go back to Sovengarde to look more at the Hall of Valor, You have to kill Paarthurnax to start the Blades "Quest Line"

    Future Predictions: I think that the Blades Quest Line will have a DLC added to it and will have to do with the Thalmor and Dragons
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    A review? And I thought this section was long dead. Good review, by the way. Informative and not stretched at the same time. :)

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