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    Most people are havig problems viewing Partition X... Here is the solution to that.
    XPort 360 is very simalar to Xplorer360, with an easy to use interface.
    XPort 360 should allow you to view Partion X if u have problems with Xplorer360(like i did)

    Osciously, ur gonna need this (Xbox 360 Profile editor)


    STEP 1
    Connect Xbox360 HDD to Computer. (How?) Using a connectivity/transfer kit

    (Connectivity/Transfer Kit may vary)

    STEP 2
    Open XPort 360 (or Xplorer360). Go to Partition 3>Content. Find your profile (You have to guess) but XPort 360 makes it easy by describing what games you play. Find a folder that starts with 3 Fs (FFFxxxxx) and then find folder 00010000. (Partition 3>Content>E2134612451685>FFFE68G1>00010000) <-- Numbers may vary

    Now copy that folder, 00010000, to your Destop (or where ever you like).

    Use "Xbox 360 Profile Editor" to Open the file in the 00010000 folder".
    The program is self explanitory

    Unlock achievements to those stupid games that you don't wanna play.

    Click "save" and close when your done.

    STEP 3
    Copy the 00010000 folder back to the HDD, and close the program.

    Now you may disconnect your HDD from your computer and connect it to your Xbox 360. I recommend starting your xbox 360 with your ethernet cable disconnected, wait a minute, and then connect the ethernet and connect to XBOX LIVE.

    CREDITS TO:Lava Lamp, Leon and V3n3, and CodeJunkies/Datel!
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    when i click on link it says not available on megaupload can u hlp?
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