Gears Of War 3 "full Game Not Beta"

Discussion in 'XBOX 360 Game Reviews' started by Ririe, Aug 15, 2011.


Are you going to buy or download this game?

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  1. Ririe

    Ririe Well-Known Member

    First of i have never written a review but i know people want it for this one and im one of the few that can tell you beacuse i got my hands on i devolpers copy

    I dnt got the best memory and have played it in awhile so bear with me here. Ill update it if i play more before it comes out.

    Well i no this has been a pretty anticipated game that should sell well. I actually have never gotten into the gears of war series, but i really enjoyed playing this one. It has all the features of GOW2 and more. 1 thing I origionaly noticed was the mutators. U chose them before private matches and horde mode( i think thats wat they call it in this one). The only way i can really put these into context is that they are like skulls in halo.

    The campaign is pretty sweet and i still havn't finished it. You start off as the main dude(idk his name) in a jail cell ithink. It dosnt come up much as far as i remember. Anyways he starts thinkin bout how he left his dad behind and u play though a short standoff like level as he talks in the background bout how he wished he could have saved him,etc. Then u wake up on a huge boat were the like first two levels take place. U have to walk around looking at shit and gathering your team for a while. Then obviously the bad dudes (idk wat their name is)(lol idk much bought gears) board the ship and u have to go protect this one guy. affter that this big ass snake thing starts eatin the ship and u have to gett into some mech suits to stop it. {The mech suits are prety cool but it is hard to c while controling them. Then u narowly escape off the ship in a chopper. The next level idk really wat it was about but i kept running out of ammo cus it was me and my girl playin it and we quit.

    If You have any questions watsoever feel feel encouraged to ask me and ill try and ask even if that means i gotta play the game hela

    srry for mispels or any errors i was really tired while writing this ill update it later as i play it more

    PPPPLLLLLZZZ +REP Thistook me awhile
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  2. izerom

    izerom Substitute Teacher

    ... Umm, well sounds good.

    I was a GoW fan awhile back, but now come to think about it, GoW1 was better imo.
  3. Ghost ic0n

    Ghost ic0n Helpful Member*

    Bah you spoiled the first level for me. Thanks for nothing but apparently I couldn't resist reading the spoiler. That puts me in the Dunce Corner.:grin:
  4. Ririe

    Ririe Well-Known Member

    Haha im sorry, if i post more ill put it in a spoiler.
  5. KEGAR

    KEGAR Newbie

    Can you post pictures of the Stats/Awards screen please? I want to see if they added more ribbons and medals since the Beta.
  6. Ririe

    Ririe Well-Known Member

    I cant srry. But i can tell u wirth the copy i got they havnt addied any since.
  7. bobjerry

    bobjerry New Member

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