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    You will need: (all download links provided at bottom of guide)
    Xplorer360 (required)
    Xbox 360 Profile Editor (required)
    Xport360 (useful, not neccesarily required)

    Alright so first off.
    Many of you may have tried to use gamesaves.
    The Profile Editor is much easier than a gamesave.
    Gamesaves require resigners and inserting, with guess and check and so on..
    Not to mention finding the gamesave.

    Profile Editing does not require any of this. It simply edits your profile to unlock achievements, you choose offline or online, and if its online, date and time unlocked. You can unlock essentially EVERY achievement for EVERY game you have played on the profile you are editing.

    First off, you must connect the HDD/MU to your PC, whatever has your profile on it. This can be done in many ways but if you have an HDD, by far the easiest way is to get a free migration data cable from Microsoft. Go ahead and youtube some vids on connecting your HDD to your PC. Or you could try this guide:
    Note: That guide was written by Fokeiro. All credit goes to him.

    After it is connected we are set to go .
    *Pics coming soon*

    First off, assuming you have Xport360, use that. Xport360 is great because it tells you exactly what each folder is. So go ahead and open up your xbox HDD, if your using vista/windows 7 make sure you run as admin.
    Now go to Partition 3.
    Now you will see that there are many different folders.
    A couple of them are profile folders.
    Now assuming you have Xport, go through them one by one.
    There should be gamenames in brackets telling you what gamesave is in what.
    Having one profile makes it easy, otherwise you will have to remember what games which profiles have accessed.
    Now once you have figured out which folder is your profile folder go into it and go into the folder WITHOUT any gamenames in brackets.
    Keep going until you see a file. It should be 16 characters for example:
    E000008AFAE3B3AC (mine).
    That is your profile file.
    Go ahead and drag that file onto your desktop.
    Now make a copy of it and put it somewhere safe. This is your backup.
    Now it's time to edit!

    Open up Profile Editor and go ahead and click File and then Open up the file on your desktop. Now you can see your profile and all that, with a list of games on the left bar.
    You could edit your GamerPic, Bio, etc. here, even make custom stuff so instead of "underground" gamer I could be "1337h4x0r" gamer but anyway...
    Now just click on any game on the left bar and you may edit your achievements. Unless you are using the Unlock All option you will have to do achievements one by one but hell, its faster than actually achievming them.

    Try to make it realistic, don't unlock "7 on the 7th" on the 28th or Offline etc.
    This part is pretty much figure out yourself without any problems. It is really easy and can't be hard to figure out. If you ARE having problems post here or PM me.

    Now that your done editting your achievements however you please click File then Save. After saving, you can close the thing (it will still pop out YOU WILL LOSE ALL UNSAVED WORK, ignore it).

    Now it's time to put it on your 360.

    Now I recommend you to open up Xport and find the right folder where the file was.
    And now you can open up Xplorer. Open > Hardware > HDD/MU
    They look like the same thing except for 2 things.
    Xplorer does not have stuff in brackets.
    Xport cannot import files.
    Because we cannot actually import using Xport we must use Xplorer.
    Now since you know exactly wher to go just go to the exact folders you did and find the file. Delete the file, making sure you DID make a backup before. Now just right click and select "insert/add file" and insert the file on your desktop.

    Now.. YOUR DONE!
    But make sure to disconnect the 360 from internet before opening it up and signing in with your editted profile.
    Make sure to only sign back into Live after about 10 minutes of logging in offline.
    Have fun and enjoy your HAX achievements.

    If you sign in and ther is an error (you cannot find your profile or all achievements have been wiped), you have done something wrong.
    You need to follow the steps of getting into your profile folder again and deleting what you just inserted and inserting the original backup.

    After confirming the original backup worked then you can try again, I guess.

    For any help: Post here or PM me.

    Here are the links (I'm testing out the new file uploading site, filedropper, if you have any complaints, fel free to contact me and I will reupload them on megaupload or something).
    Profile Editor required set (Xplorer360 and Profile Editor):
    Note: WinRAR required to open these rar files.

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