Help Patch 2k12

Discussion in 'Video Game Discussions' started by tobias1484, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. tobias1484

    tobias1484 Newbie

    Can someone help me patch 2k12 I cant find it on abgx
  2. fender0577

    fender0577 New Member

    I don't think u can yet, but i heard the RROD 0800 rips are safe to play online.But like i said that's what i heard.
  3. anxxxious8701

    anxxxious8701 Newbie

    abgx hasnt been updated to support xgd3 backups as of yet. like the guy said in the previous post, 0800 rips are supposed to be safe online like a xgd2 game disc.
  4. elfu3rte

    elfu3rte Newbie

    as anxxxious8701said they haven't updated abgx360 to support the new xgd3 format yet. but you can play the game online and its safe , i still play nba2k12 online without any problem ..those type of game are safe online even without patching it... do not play MW3 and Gow3 it's a different story :smiley_ninja:

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