Hosting 10Th Lobby Mw2

Discussion in 'COD: Modern Warfare 2' started by Raver, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Raver

    Raver Member

    Hey Guys,
    I'm bored so i thought why not host a xp lobby leave a comment for invite

    When you join Kill yourself then back out prestige join back simples haha

    And finally if you could give some rep that would be great

    See you Soon
  2. Rztommy

    Rztommy New Member

    i want a prestige lobby.. GT DoC5 xPaNiiKzZ
    thank u man!!
  3. Raver

    Raver Member

    Orite bud sent you a friend request al do another 1 when you come on
  4. mrtaker60

    mrtaker60 New Member

    hey cool gt:XxTGTempestxX (thanks)
  5. x360Isra

    x360Isra Newbie

    nice ! can i join ?!
    Gamertag: GhostBR0

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