How Does Abgx Prevent You From Being Banned?

Discussion in 'ABGX Game Verifications' started by uncookedyew, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. uncookedyew

    uncookedyew New Member

    What does it do the .iso file to prevent microsoft from banning you?

    Random Poll: What blank dvds do you use?
  2. Ghost ic0n

    Ghost ic0n Helpful Member*

    abgx360 patched the special hidden stealth files that are read by Xbox LIVE servers and also by the normal 360 laser lens for ap2.5 games that are not present in backups but only in originals. Thus it fools the LIVE server/360 laser to thinking that it is a legit, original copy.

    POLL ANSWER: Verbatim DVD+R DL.
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  3. withasteakknife

    withasteakknife New Member

    Verbatim are they way to go but when i have to pinch a penny i buy Kodak. They arent 100% but i have better luck with them than i do memorex they are cheap on amazon

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