How to add a game to your Profile through Hex.

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    this is a tut on how to add a game manually to your xbox live gamer tag. this only adds the game title to your played games, nothing more, just a big fat 0. it can be used for hex editing achievements if you're into that kinda thing. i don't take any responsibility if you get your 360 or gamertag banned. you have been warned. i take no credit for the tutorial, i'm just trying to make it known so people don't have to pay $200 for a silly program. also, if you have no idea WTF i'm talking about please don't send me PMs, just search through this forum there are plenty threads with info about hex editing gamerscore.

    here is a link to a list of over 800 xbox 360 game IDs. includes some unreleased games like ODST, assassins creed 2 and a lot more.

    This tutorial is going to be step by step so it is 100% visible of what you are meant to do.

    ? To begin, sign into Xbox Live using the account you want to add a game on.

    ? Now sign out of Xbox live. (make sure you are still signed in on the account, sometimes playing games or returning to the dashboard can sign you back into Live so its best to detach your Ethernet adapter)

    ? Now play any game you wish offline, it doesn't matter just any. (For an example I am going to play Halo 3 offline, also make sure it is a game that isn't at the top of your recent games list, so if Halo 3 was the last game you played before you went offline use a different game)

    ? Once you have played your selected game, sign out completely and move your profile onto your computer.

    ? Now open up your profile in a hex editor (Hex workshop preferably)

    ? Before you can do anything, I want you to find out the game ID of the game you recently played, you can do this many ways by either using GPI or, or on Xport360 it will be the folder name. For example the game ID for Halo 3 is (4d5307e6)

    ? Once you have found the ID of your chosen game search for that ID in hexadecimal in hex workshop, keep searching until you find the game ID next to the game name. For example I found this: http://www.freeimage.../bfbdd07c83.jpg

    ? Once you have found the ID for your chosen game swap it for the ID of the game you want to be in your games list, for example I am going to use Chronicles Of Riddick Assault On Dark Athena which is (494707ee), replace the ID you found it HeX with the new ID. (Note you will find allot of the same ID's when your searching, only replace the ID that is next to the game name in text)

    ? Now what else is there to be done? Nothing, your done, just rehash your profile then put it back onto your device, then sign into Xbox Live, wait about 10 seconds, then everything will update.

    P.S I have found this works best when I use CoD: WaW as my online game and Halo 3 as my offline game - might just be my game order - let me know if you find anything out!

    if you somehow manage to find and game ID for an unreleased game, it is entire possible to add it to your tag. just check out and look at the halo 3: ODST leader boards. i believe the game has to be added to the xbox servers for it to show up on your card or some BS like, i'm not entirely sure. once again, i take no credit for this. simply spreading the word.
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    Game id's link is down.

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