How to check if you are flagged before getting banned

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    sorry if someone else has posted this

    how to check if you system is flagged before getting your system banned. i have tested this on several modded and non modded systems i even took one of my modded systems (after checking and getting the error) and went on live just to get the banned message as soon as i tried.

    what you want to do is go to here and sign into your account and then fill out the form and enter your serial number then it will show you your system then you want to click on request a repair if your system is not flagged you will be able to do a repair and if your system is flagged you will get an error every time. so if your system is flagged and you don't want it to get banned you can still use your system as an offline system this way none of the features are disabled. what happens when system is banned.

    give it a try and let me know what the results are.
  2. Dave

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    Yey thanks IM NOT FLAGGED! :wink:
  3. staticdamixx

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    i cant get to the page to enter my serial
  4. StaraSkola

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    sweet! awsome post
  5. leader

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    Good tutorial. I've been wondering if I have been flagged. Thanks!
  6. drewx420

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    dose this really work and where exactly is the forum you fill out more detailed instructions would be appreciated as im new to the 360 and this community:wink2:
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    And apparently new at spelling too.
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    Updated instructions.

    Make sure you remove your hard drive or memory card out of the xbox 360.

    Turn on the xbox 360.

    When you get to the home screen there will be no profiles found. That's because you removed your hard drive/memory card which contained all your profiles.

    Now go to system settings.
    Go to Network Settings.
    Click Test Xbox Live Connection
    Start connection and wait for it to finish.

    When it is done you should get a message saying to update your system: DO NOT UPDATE!!!!!
    Just click No, don't update.
    You should get a test connection failed message. Just click cancel.

    After that click Y and you should get a list of numbers or codes.
    Check your code under the letter Z
    It should say Z: "whatever the code is"
    Here are the codes to determine if your console has been banned.

    Z: 8015 - 1002 means you have not been flagged yet.
    If it shows something other than that like
    Z: 8015 - 190D, that means that you console might be flagged or banned.

    Not my tut - just getting it out there. :excited:
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    well if all this is true then i am not flagged yet :ermm:
  10. x360Isra

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    Is this still working guys?

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