How To Connect Xbox To Tv Or Monitor

Discussion in 'XBOX 360 Tutorials' started by rema, Aug 18, 2011.


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  1. rema

    rema Moderator Staff Member

    How to bind the console to CRT (picture tube) TV?

    Bundle with Console, you receive HD AV cable and cinch -> SCART transition.

    If you tie the console to a TV that is HDTV, the switch in place / in HD AV cable to the TV (p. 4, top right) and insert the nozzle into the console (p. 4)

    If you tie the console to the TV via SCART input place of transition package, one of three cinch plugs (red, white and yellow) and plug it. Then select the channel option "AV" on your TV.

    If you use a cinch input switch cinch triad (red, white and yellow) in the corresponding color inputs. (P. 4)


    How to bind the console to HDTV (LCD / Plasma) TV?

    If you use an HDTV and cinch by HD AV cable, switch to the tip of the HDTV HD AV cable. Insert the red and white cinch (2nd audio channel) on their respective seats and the other three cinch plugs (red, green and blue).

    If you tie the console to digital audio system, use the digital output, which is located on the tip of the HD AV cable.


    Other options for the connection between the console and the TV:

    - Via an HDMI cable - recommended for tying to Full HD TV (HDMI output have the newer consoles)
    - through the DVI cable - the easiest option is to take a cinch to transition from DVI. Transition in the form of a cable with 3 Chincha (red, blue and green / male) and DVI (male) connector.


    How to bind the console to the monitor (CRT and LCD)?

    To do this you need an additional cable. Cable is the kind of HD AV cable, but rather HD AV cinch and has VGA, male connector. This tip is tied directly to the LCD monitor. For a CRT monitor to get dual VGA female transition.

    If your LCD monitor has a DVI input options with cinch - DVI transition is also appropriate and not having to buy an additional cable and use the HD AV cable.

    Important! Once the console to bind any kind of TV / monitor, go to console settings and make the correct settings for the TV / monitor. Most often only need to change the resolution.

    This is the cable you will need


    [​IMG] - Buy on Amazon
  2. Ghost ic0n

    Ghost ic0n Helpful Member*

    Well organzied tutorial. +1 vote for it. Just change the green text to something more visible like orange.
  3. rema

    rema Moderator Staff Member

    Hahahahahah love you Ghost i was thinking about that and i was waiting if some one is going to comment
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    Ghost ic0n Helpful Member*

    Any time buddy. :)

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