How to gamesave in NXE using a resigner and Xplorer 360

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    This is currently a HDD only tut, I will finish the tutorial for the MU soon!
    Note: All saves are different for how they will work, read the readme that comes with the save if you want to know whether it is a popup 1000g or a save set.

    All the programs you need are here:
    All you'll need to resign

    You will need:
    A save
    A transfer kit like XPort or transfer kit (unless you open up your HDD)
    A resigner (downloadable in this thread^)

    How to dump/inject profiles using Xplorer 360;
    1.Open up xplorer360 (NOTE: To open xplorer 360 on vista you have to right click and click on "run as administrator".)
    2.Go into partition 3 (Do not touch partition 0 or 2!, also I think on MU it is partition 1 with the content on, will have to double check)
    3.Go to the content folder
    4.Find your profile (if you have more than one profile look at the games and make a decision on which one is yours)
    5.Go to the Game ID you want (eg L4D is 45410830)
    6.Go through all the folders until you get to a file
    7.Do what you want to do here (inject gamesaves/dump files onto desktop) if you want to inject or dump, you just need to drag the files you want

    How to Resign;
    1.Before you can do anything you will need to find out your device and profile ID, to do this, take a save from your profile onto your desktop using Xplorer360. Then open 360SR, go to settings, Load ID's From save, navigate to your save then press open. Then press Save ID's and save it as something like my profile. You are now ready to go!
    2.Get your Save from wherever you get yours, for this I will be using an L4D save.
    3.Open up a resigner, for this I will be using 360SR (You can download 360SR and Modio at the top)
    4.Click on open save/con file

    5.Navigate to the desired save and press open on 360SR, it will say existing values and new values, to make the new values yours, click on the drop down and go to the ones you saved as "My Profile". If you haven't done this, do step 1 of the how to resign tutorial.
    7.Once you have changed the drop down to the "My Profile" or whatever you saved your ID's as click on resign save. If done correctly, in the bottom box it will say "file resigned successfully".

    8.Inject it into your HDD or MU using xplorer (if the save came in a folder with something like 45410830, inject the whole folder.) If unsure how to do this, look at the tutorial on how to further up the thread.
    9. Put your HDD in your 360, read the readme that came with the save and do what it says and it should work!
    Enjoy all your gamerscore

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