How To Make Trainer Launchers

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    1st. get Visual Studio 2010 and then get Service pack 1 for it.

    2nd. Get the SDK of your choice, i got my 20871.2 from 360iso.

    3rd. Install and use Full installation otherwise you won't be able to build your file.

    4th. Now open xpploadersample.vcproj from xpp0.2a it will open in VC and tell you to convert just click finish.

    5th. Now open xpploadersample.vcxproj from the same directory and go to the bottom of the file.

    6th. Change the SetupCheats(0xTitleID to whatever the title ID of your game is.

    7th. And the game://whatever your cheat text file name is.txt.

    8th. XINPUT thing if what to use for activating the cheats it's optional to change you can just leave it like that.

    9th. At the top there's a drop down menu that says Debug change it to Release.

    10th. and press Build at the top and then config' manager and change the active solution to Xbox360.

    11th. and then press Build and then Build xpploadersample, you will find the xex in a folder named Release.

    12th. ???

    13th. Profit!!!

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