How To Reball Xbox 360 Gpu

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    GPU Lift (720p)

    Prepping Motherboard (720p)

    GPU Reball (720p)

    Reattach GPU to Motherboard (720p)

    Keep "Annotations" on as they provide setup, profile and process info!! Also check the video's comments. The uploader/repairer supplies some valuable information in response to rather important questions.

    Top heater: Hakko FR-802 rework station
    Bottom heater: T-8280 IR preheater

    While most consoles can be repaired, not every single one can be brought back to life, and that's just the way it is. Keep in mind that consoles which have been heatgunned, toweled, or penny-tricked have a much lower rate of success.

    - Credits to pure3d2 of Team Xecuter for the videos.
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