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    All You Need To Gamesave!
    Here are all the files you need to gamesave: ... mesave.rar

    This tutorial is meant for everyone who doesn't know what to do with gamesaves or profiles. Just in case your wondering, Ive made this tutorial.

    1) Xbox 360 Transfer Kit
    2) Xplorer 360
    3) WinRAR

    Once you have those, were ready to get started.


    *Note that your need to have a save for the game in order for your this to work. Otherwise, whats the point?

    Extract the gamesave folder to your desktop using WinRAR.

    Go into Partition 3/Content. Your going to need to locate your profile. Its usually the one under the folder named 000000000000000. Click the plus sign to expand it and see the sub folders. This is where all your gamesaves are located.

    Now to insert the gamesave. You can do this in 2 ways.

    1) Make a backup copy of the folder that your going to replace and save it somewhere in your computer. Then delete it from your harddrive and insert the downloaded one.

    2) Go into the folder with the gamesave that your going to replace. Then go into the sub folder and your gamesave should be there. [Ex) Id go into folder 415607E7 and go into the sub folder and in that Ill find my GH2 save.] Make a backup copy of that gamesave on my computer and delete it from my harddrive afterwards. Then insert the gamesave that you downloaded in its place. NOT THE FOLDER. ITS INSIDE THE FOLDER.

    And now you should have the gamesave in your HDD.

    Start the game and see if your gamesave worked. In some games you might have to beat a level to get the achievements or kill someone or something of that nature.

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