..How to use your laptop/pc as a wireless adapter for Xbox360..

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    I have seen a few people ask about this, so here it is hope this helps. This works with Xp but I have not tested on vitsa or windows 7, It should work on them though as they all are able to bridge connections.

    Things you need.

    1. Wireless Card or Wireless Laptop
    2. A Wireless Modem/Router
    3. An Ethernet cable
    4. Ability to bridge connections on your PC/Laptop

    :Lets Begin:
    What does this type of connection do?
    It shares the connections and making it a direct connection from your 360, to your wireless card to the internet, but it will be going through your PC, which means if you have host you can alternate the connections since its going through your PC(Just think if it as another way than bridging through your router...)

    STEP 1:

    Hook your Ethernet cable from the Ethernet port on your pc/laptop to your xbox/360, and have your wireless card plugged in and connected.

    Step 2:

    Once that is done, open up your Network Connections (Control Panel -> Network & Internet Connections)


    Step 3:
    Highlight Local area connection and wireless connection by dragging your mouse over both or holding "ctrl + mouse click"


    Step 4:
    Once they are both highlighted, right-click on of them, a pop-up menu should appear. From that menu, click "Bridge Connections"

    A window will pop up saying windows is Bridging connections:

    Now, your network connections should look similar to this


    Step 5:
    now click start and then go to Run and type in "CMD" with no quotes and click ok


    This window should pop-up


    Step 6:
    Now, where the cursor is blinking, type in "netsh bridge show adapter" (without the quotations) and hit enter.


    wait about 20 seconds and this should pop up:


    Now here is where we force it to share the connection with the xbox 360

    Step 7:

    After you have done that there will be another line with a blinking cursor, in that line, type in "netsh bridge set adapter 1 enable"


    Now check if the wireless connection says (enabled)
    to do this re-type "netsh bridge show adapter"


    Your wireless connection show now say "Enabled"

    Step 8:

    After you have done that there will be another line with a blinking cursor, in that line, type in "netsh bridge set adapter 2 enable"

    Now check if the Local area connection says (enabled)

    to do this re-type "netsh bridge show adapter"

    It should now both say enabled

    Step 9:

    When its done, go to your Network & Internet Connections window, and it should look like this:


    There you go, your connections are shared and bridged.

    Please send me a message if you need any help:
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    VISTA METHOD: Ok, I hook my 360 up to my laptop via ethernet cable, and the laptop is connected to wifi, then I open up connection settings, I make my computer 'Discoverable to other devices' and my 360 goes through all the network tests and passes, and connects to LIVE ... Could I just do that instead of doing all the steps listed above? Because it works just fine for online play. (got Black Ops yesterday. laptop as a wireless adapter works like a charm on multiplayer.)
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    I may be about to ask a very noob face-palm question, but why would you need/want to do this? What is the advantage of going through the PC? I'm new to this scene so be gentle :excited:
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    its basically for the old xbox 360 not slim.

    you know the wireless xbox 360 accessory that costs like 90 dollars from Microsoft in order to use wifi?

    Well with this method you can save your self that 90$ or w.e it costs and use your laptop as your WIFI
  5. doctorhr2

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    Okay, that makes sense now. Thanks for clarifying :excited:

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