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    118) Rock Revolution
    117) Tomb Raider Legend
    116) Rock Band-Expert Guitar
    115) BioShock
    114) Smackdown Vs Raw 2008
    113) Fifa 2009

    Load up go to Game Modes, Tournaments, Load Tournament, Load 1STAR And achievement should pop

    Not sure

    112) Wall-E

    111) Gears of War 2

    110) Gears of War 2

    109) BlazBlue Calamity Trigger

    most of these you can get just by going into menus and backing out..even the options menu..almost all of the ones that say do this x number of times just have to be done once..some do have to be done legit double ko and a few others.

    100 Trials (20) [Ranked Match] Strive higher in Ranked Matches.

    200 Trials (40) [Ranked Match] Strive even higher in Ranked Matches.

    Activate Termination Protocol (30) Completed a 60+ hit combo using Nu.

    Animation Conservation (20) Used Rapid Cancel over 100 times.

    Bangarang! (20) Fought against Bang as Bang, and both activated the "Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan".

    Be Gentle... It's My First Time. (10) [Ranked Match] Experience a Ranked Match.

    Beautiful Arakune (20) Had a perfect match using Arakune.

    Carpal Tunnel (20) Exceed a total playtime of 25 hours.

    Cat-a-pult (10) Threw a Kaka kitten using Taokaka's "Kitty Litter Special!".

    Dante (30) [ARCADE] Beat Arcade mode on the highest difficulty.

    Designated Driver (30) Used Distortion Drive over 100 times.

    Devil's Advocate (20) Used Ragna's "Gauntlet Hades" over 100 times.

    Discouraging Finish! (30) Use an Astral Finish with every character.

    Duh Dun DUNNN! (30) Saw the True Ending.

    Greased Pig (10) Successfully escaped 50 throws.

    Hands Where I Can See Them (30) [GALLERY] Collect more art!

    Hat-Trick (10) In one match, successfully pulled off "Thirteen Orphans", "The Great Wheel", and "All Green".

    Hello World ! (10) [STORY] Understand the truth of the story.

    I Am the Just Sword (20) [ARCADE / SCORE ATTACK] Defeat Hakumen in Arcade / Score Attack mode.

    I Can Rebuild Her... (10) As Carl, decommissioned Nirvana three times in one round.

    I Like to Watch (10) [REPLAY THEATER] Collect replay data.

    I'm Faster Than Anybody (20) [Ranked / Player Match] Get "First Strike" five times in a row.

    In Living Color (10) Used all the color palettes of a single character.

    Irresistible (10) Hit the opponent with Tager's "Spark Bolt" more than six times in one round.

    It's Go Time (10) Performed your first Astral Heat.

    It's over 10,000! (30) Dealt over 10,000 damage using Hakumen, without the use of an Astral Heat.

    It's the Only Way to Be Sure (10) Performed a 20 hit combo after the round is over.

    Legionnaire (20) Increase your level.

    Leonidas (40) [SCORE ATTACK] Beat Score Attack mode.

    Murakumo Activated... (20) [ARCADE / SCORE ATTACK] Defeat v-13 in Arcade / Score Attack mode.

    Nothing's Gonna Keep You Down (30) Earned a Perfect victory 30 times.

    Praetorian Guardsman (30) Increase your level even more.

    Restraining Order (20) Used Barrier Burst over 30 times.

    Ride the Icening (10) Used Musou Senshouzan or Tosshougeki over 20 times in one round, and finished the opponent off.

    Ruler of Kagutsuchi (10) [Ranked Match / Player Match] Fight against different opponents.

    Spoonful of Sugar (20) Stayed afloat for over 25 seconds with Rachel.

    Stop Hitting Yourself (20) Used Counter Assault 30 times.

    That Was Incredible! (10) [Ranked Match] Conquer a Ranked Match.

    Their Numbers Count for Nothing (20) Performed an instant block 300 times.

    This Is Important... (20) Heard Noel say, "Hands off the panda!" over 100 times.

    This Just Got Real (20) Caused a Double Down to occur.

    Victory Is an Illusion [ARCADE / SCORE ATTACK] (30) Defeated "Unlimited" Rachel.

    Voyeur (10) [Player Match] Learn from the mistakes of others.

    Wanderer (10) [Player Match] Experience a Player Match.

    Warrior (30) [Player Match] Experience is power.

    Welcome to the Azure Nightmare [ARCADE / SCORE ATTACK] (30) Defeated "Unlimited" Ragna, and obtained the power of darkness.

    Words Hurt Too (30) Let an opponent get a 5,000 hit-point lead on you, then taunt you.

    You Brute! (20) [Ranked Match] Win several Ranked Matches in a row.

    You Never Forget Your First (10) Performed your first Barrier Crush.

    You're the Best! Around! (20) [TRAINING] You still have much to learn.
    108) Bully scholarship ed 1k

    I suggest before using any of these saves that you do After hours achievement and Keener legit, just stay
    outside till 11pm and then you will fall asleep at 2am, repeat for two nights for After hours achievement
    to unlock. For Keener just complete any 3 classes for the achievement to unlock.

    Big thank you to Revan654, Snix, D3m0n1k Ang3l, new competitor and myself Splinun who uploaded these saves to
    make a full 1k save set.

    If you want your achievements in a legit order then it is best to go down the saves from 1-19.

    Some saves will unlock Errands and the achievement Black & White & Read all over. Don't worry, this
    guide was designed so that you can't get achievements out of order. Unless you use the saves in the wrong order.

    If you are having problem loading saves, start a new game and load them while in the pause menu. This WILL happen to you...


    107) Fallout 3 SaveSet
    106) Fight Night Round 4

    I believe that i all you do is fight one more match and then you retire. this should get you the achievements for retiring as a G.O.A.T etc. i also unlocked a few achievements when going to the fight now area, but might vary depending on how much you have played the game.

    helpful hint if you cant do the beat Ali or Tyson on G.O.A.T, is to choose a boxer that has a longer reach. but the settings down to 1 round, and when fighting use the special signature move but to the body, as i find that they hardly block. and you should be able to get these achievements.


    You should unlock at least 190g for just retiring. And apply my hints for beating ali and tyson on the other achievements and should be able to get a lot on this game.
    Also make sure that you have won a title already and moved up a weight class or will look out of order.

    ?, play with it.
    105) Smackdown V.S Raw 2009 850G Gamesave

    Ok for the Unstopable Achievement load up the save and through the person your facing into the turnbuckels 10 times for the achievement.

    For the rest load the Road To WrestlMaina Save and complete with Rey Mysterio and you will unlock the rest!

    Make sure you Resign and win a Inferno Match against Kane.

    104) Transformers 2 Saveset

    Autobot Campaign Save Set

    Total: 435GS

    Big Thanx to CYBERTRON for the 'ALL PLATINUM' and 'ALL UNLOCKABLES' save.

    Decepticon Campaign Save Set

    Total: 375GS

    Thankyou to CYBERTRON for the ALL PLATINUM save.
    Thankyou to moodymann9081 for the ALL UNLOCKABLES save


    103) Pure: Load and Pop for GS 600+

    Load save, at the menu it unlocks more than half

    Like 700GS?
    102) Amped 3 (1000G)

    Follow directions located inside saveset

    101) Amped 3 WORKING

    Alternate to the above, if it doesn't work or you want to combine both due to error... etc.
    100) Army Of two 1250G SPG

    start a new mission on Aircraft Carrier then while it is loading
    the map do the SPG you will automatically unlock like 7 achievements and 2 dlc achievements then you get kicked
    back to the title screen. kill one thing for the achievement you want
    like go in Mission 7 or 8 and Destroy one object

    won't unlock the all intel achievement

    go online and search for a SSC Challenger and Destroy 1 barrel

    thanks to all who help to make all the others Profile

    99) Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts
    98) Call Of Duty 3 (SPG)
    97) COD3 Campaign Veteran
    96) COD5 Gamesaves
    95) COD5 Saveset
    94) Call of Duty 5 update for Gamesaves
    93) COD 3 online SPG 425gs General Rank Account
    92) COD 2 Legit 1k Set
    91) COD 2 SPG 1k
    90) Conan
    89) Condemned 2
    88) Crackdown
    87) Crash Of The Titans
    86) CSI SaveSet 1000 GS
    85) Dark Sector
    84) Dead Or Alive 4
    83) Dead Rising
    82) Def Jam Icon SaveSet
    81) Destroy all Humans
    80) Devil May Cry 4 - 950G
    79) Disney Sing It 1000GS
    78) DOOM saves 180gs
    77) Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires
    76) Eat Lead full saveset +normal and hard
    75) Ecco The Dolphin
    74) Enchanted Arms
    73) Eternal Sonata
    72) FarCryIP-555307DC
    71) Far Cry 2

    start the game goto story then load and load the save which was saved at 09:21.
    Instructions/picture are in the rar. Follow the red line in the jeep then get out before the bridge walk through the water
    until you see a dirt path on the right then follow that to the safehouse kill the two enemy's and then hopefully the "wanderer" achievement will unlock.

    70) Fight Night Round 3
    69) Full Auto
    68) Guitar Hero 2
    67) GH Metallica Save Set
    66) Ghostbusters (Professional and Destructor)
    65) Def Jam Icon-Girlfriends
    64) Golden Compass
    63) GTA IV
    62) GTA IV LATD
    61) Guitar Hero 3
    60) Hexic HD Full 200
    59) Hitman Blood Money
    58) Ironman
    57) Juiced 2
    56) Jumper SaveSet
    55) Kameo
    54) Last Remnant
    53) Left 4 Dead
    52) LEGO Batman
    51) LEGO Indiana Jones
    50) LEGO Star Wars 2
    49) Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    48) Mirror's Edge
    47) MK vs DC Universe
    46) Monopoly
    45) Monster Jam 1k
    44) My Horse and Me 2
    43) Need For Speed Most Wanted
    42) Zombie mods for COD5
    41) Ninja Gaiden 2
    40) Open Season
    39) Perfect Dark Zero
    38) PES2009 480GS
    37) PES2009 2
    36) PGR 4 (career save set)
    35) Pirates of the Caribean-Dead Man's Chest
    34) Prey SaveSet
    33) Project Sylpheed
    32) Prototype 800+ GS
    31) Prototype-Polymath
    30) Quantom of Solace
    29) Rainbow Six Vegas
    28) Race Pro
    27) Rapala Fishing Frenzy SaveSet
    26) Red Faction Guerrilla SaveSet
    25) Resident Evil 5
    24) Chronicles Of Riddick Dark Athena
    23) Rock Band
    22) Saints Row 2 CO-OP Achievements
    21) Samurai Warriors 2 Empires
    20) Sega Rally Revo
    19) Silent Hill Homecoming
    18) Smackdown vs Raw 2007
    17) Sonic SaveSet 1000 GS
    16) Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection
    15) Soul Caliber IV (1000G)
    14) Spiderman FoF
    13) Star War TFU
    12) Street Fighter IV
    11) Strike Team and Upgrades 70GS For Prototype
    10) Terminator Salvation 1000GS SaveSet
    9) The CLUB
    8) The Orange Box
    7) TMNT
    6) Tony Hawks-American Wasteland-1,000 GS
    5) Turning Point Fall Of Liberty
    4) Viva Pinata Party Animals SPG
    3) Viva Pinata TiP
    2) You're In The Movies
    1) Zuma
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    The Ghostbusters save says that its corrupted when i load the game and the system deletes it, just to let u know
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    whats a game save.
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    exactly what the namesays its a game save it has all the achievements and when you load it into your xbox hdd you will automatically get those achievements get it
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    Thanks what A Great List But there is No Fallout 3 Saveset Ive tried the ones about it but its just other games.....fallout 3 is no-where to be found :'(
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    Where is banjo kazooie? when i downloaded its rar there was burnout
    please reply as quick as possible!
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    The thing is it is kind of hard to read the game titles w/ the links,
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    Pretty much all of these have been deleted.
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