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    Whats Up Guys I am a New Patch Maker Trying to Get Out There In The Mw2 Jtag World.
    Right Now I Am releasing a MW2 Patch Beta!

    The Patch Specs Are:
    Original Patch: Chocolate's Patch
    Modified By: Me
    Tested By:Observant Oyster
    Date Of Release: BETA

    This Patch Includes:
    Instant Level 70
    All Challenges
    Fully Unlocked 10th Emblem
    Lock All If Not Verified ( There is Not A Derank DVAR in My Patch)
    Super Jump
    Speed Increased
    Larger UaV ( Not Huge)

    Host Only Mods

    Walking Ac130 (Vip Too)
    Activate VIP in Game. No need For entering it in the patch.
    Kick Menu
    Default Weapon And Real Aimbot
    Many More

    Before You Download I would ask you to Please Do NOT Remove The Header In The Patch. Thanks
    Thanks to ObservantOyster For InForming me of a compile error.

    Click Here To Download

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