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Discussion in 'Video Game Discussions' started by BigBossMan2012, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. BigBossMan2012

    BigBossMan2012 New Member

    Hi i was Wondering is There Any1 In western Australia perth Selling Burned or modded xbox 360 games Please Pm me
  2. Ririe

    Ririe Well-Known Member

    Try Ioffer.com I heard people sell them there alot. Hope that helps, probably to late though.
  3. Ghost ic0n

    Ghost ic0n Helpful Member*

    Remember, downloading 360 games is much less riskier than buying actual backups. Many people have gotten caught selling and/or buying them in the UK and I'm guessing Australlia's security is no less stricker due to the fact that devs have to "nerf" mature games down to age 15 levels. So yeah, be careful if you're going to pull that off...
  4. izerom

    izerom Substitute Teacher

    Like Ghost said

    If I were you I would just download and burn em'.

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