Navitel Navigation V. Cracked (Android | Windows Mobile)

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    Navitel navigation v. Cracked (Android | Windows Mobile) + RePack + New Maps Q1 Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
    Navitel navigation v. Cracked (Android | Windows Mobile) + RePack + New Maps Q1 Russia, Ukraine, Belarus | 2.8 GB

    Navitel - a leading provider of navigation services and digital mapping market car navigation. Navitel Navigator - a modern multi-platform and multi-language navigation for Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Bada, Java, Windows CE, its own on-line services "Navitel.Probki", "Navitel.Sobytiya", "Dynamic POI", "Navitel.SMS", "Navitel.Pogoda." Current maps Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

    What's new in Navitel Navigator

    - The route line with display tubes! Make it easier to get information on traffic congestion when following a route.
    - Implemented a new page design screen "companion" and screen sharing SMS-messages.
    - Increased the font in the Settings menu of the program and information sensors.
    - Increased the size of the switches in the "Settings" menu.
    - Improved algorithm for constructing routes. Updated routing algorithm based on the data about traffic jams can be avoided "loops" to plot the route.
    - In the "Search" map search is moved to the end.
    - For devices on the Android platform adds the ability to select the audio channel to play the sound.
    - Fixed incorrect speed warning.
    - Fixed route planning in the "fast."
    - Improved stability and speed Navitel Navigator.

    In addition:
    - Improved visual appearance of the maps Navitel.
    - Added ability to preview the voice packets.
    - Implemented a new search for the beginning of words (only works on maps Release Q1 2012).
    - The function of map rotation for the convenience of users made less sensitive to the touch screen.
    - Added option to "avoid ferry" for a route (only on maps Release Q1 2012).
    - Fixed errors in the search for an intersection.

    Just made numerous small fixes that enhance the stability and reliability of the program.

    New map of Russia Release Q1 2012

    Map of Russia Q1 2012:
    - 3700 detailed cities and towns.
    - 4,738,635 addresses contained in the map.
    - 145 454 localities are available for search.
    - 745,175 points of POI.
    - 2 9086 00 km road graph.

    Added to the city:
    Altay Belokurikha
    Altay Biysk
    Kemerovo region Gurievsk
    Kemerovo region Novokuznetsk
    Krasnodar Region, Khadyzhenskaya
    Perm City Gornozavodsk
    Perm City Gremyachinsk
    Perm City Kudymkar
    Perm City Nytva
    Perm City Okhansk
    Perm Ocher
    Perm City Cherdyn
    Perm City Chermoz
    And also another 370 villages and towns of the country.

    In the updated road map graph and address database, including reportedly users Navitel on the official forums and bug tracker through the official site.

    Important! Version is cured under all of.karty, including maps of Eastern Europe including Release Q4-2011.
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