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Discussion in 'XBOX 360 Tutorials' started by ChrispyDaGee, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. ChrispyDaGee

    ChrispyDaGee New Member

    Hi, I've been downloading games for a while now but I took about a year off because I haven't had time to play any games. Yesterday I decided to get back into it, but it seems I've lost my touch. I've updated all my software, I'm using the latest version of Jdownloader, but every link I try to use comes up off line. Any help or tips to fix my problem? Thanks!
  2. Ghost ic0n

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    You posted the same thing in the Support section (where it really belongs). DON'T create multiple threads; if anyone wants to or can help, he/she will. Making different threads regarding the same problem will only get you banned!

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