New Way To UnBan Your Account With USB! VERY EASY

Discussion in 'XBOX 360 Tutorials' started by rema, May 10, 2011.

  1. rema

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    Got this from GrREcTiFFy on YouTube. Not sure if it works or not, 'cause none of my accounts are banned. So someone try this and let us know if it works.


    Download this: Megaupload

    1. Get a USB
    2. Plug it in to your computer
    3. Scroll to start, Computer, USB
    4. Drag The Update To The USB
    5. Plug USB into Xbox
    6. Restart and watch it update!
    7. ENJOY!!

    Please do not flame me if it doesn't work, as I said above I can't try it and only posted it so everyone could know about this. It seems legit because GrREcTiFFy doesn't seem like the kind of person to fake something like this. So let me know what you guys think about it and if it worked for you. If so, congrats.

    Hope it works
  2. Powerz6869

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    Awww man, wish I still had my sammy drive to try this on. That xbox survived for years but got rid of it to a friend about a year ago since it got banned
  3. Psycho_21

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  4. Ghost ic0n

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    Nah man that's old. M$ doesn't goof around like that. I'm sure they wont allow any pirate to be free again out of their jail when he burns backups and doesn't buy the original. Meaning, M$ doesn't get its money.:)
  5. charliedj

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  6. x360Isra

    x360Isra Newbie

    I agree that M$ will surely make it stop working, but maybe with some more work and updates, it can come to real functionality again (until M$ makes it stop working again and so on).
    Thanks for sharing it here :excited:

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