Risen 2 Editor By Sahashi & Dippidip

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    Risen 2 Editor by Sahashi and Dippidip

    First a big thnx to Jizzabeez for his great (de)compression tool.
    And to Frost for his Ionic.Zlib.dll

    First extract the savegame.sav from your save.
    Then drag the extracted savegame.sav onto Jizzabeez compression tool(Drag it onto the .exe don't open program first).

    How to Use Editor:
    1. Hit both checkboxes to enable all the textboxes (or which ever one you want)
    2. Then load the uncompressed save(savegame.sav.unzlib)into the editor. (Change it to ALL files instead of Sahashi_UNCOMPRESSED.dat in filebrowser)Will be fixed at next update.
    3. Mod your save
    4. After modding just save and compress the savegame.sav.unzlib.
    Reinsert the new savegame.sav back into your save and rehash/resign.



    Main screen:


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