the killing room 2009 review

Discussion in 'Entertaiment Discussions' started by skytrackmr, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. skytrackmr

    skytrackmr Member

    well i just downloaded this movie because the name caught my eye...
    but the first thing i thought was hmm this looks alittle like the first SAW movie... so i kept watching it.
    its about 5 people who get stuck in a room and are tested.

    so guess what
    its JUST LIKE SAW!
    except they dont get people who messed up in life and give them a second chance... they just get people and mess em up.
    i prefer the SAW movie over this one. this one is a rip off of it.

    [spoiler:1vuf91qt]THE END.... one surviver. guess what... he gets pput into another room with people... kinda like SAW 2 ahah he ends up in a room... and then the door closes and then the credits roll...[/spoiler:1vuf91qt]
  2. iliveinazoo52

    iliveinazoo52 Senior Member

    Saw movies are so terrible lol
    its so sick! But for some reason i watch them haha
  3. Frank__i

    Frank__i Newbie

    the killing room is one of the whorst movies ive ever watch in my entire life. Funny thing is that i saw it while i was on vacation and it almost ruined my vacation thats how bad it is.

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