Tomtom 1.0 Iberia + Europa + D-A-Ch+We+Us-Can (2012)

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    TomTom 1.0 Iberia + Europa + D-A-CH+WE+US-Can (2012) [Android] |3,97 GB

    Description: TomTom Navigation for Android. Navigate a world-class trusted 65000000 drivers. Now on your smartphone.
    Term plans? There is nothing easier than getting to the new location with the navigation application TomTom app. Your smartphone is for you, and therefore the navigation at your fingertips. In this case, even the loss of the signal does not become an obstacle: the application works without it. Constant access to maps, navigation technology and world-class, exactly the same as on the satellite navigator. With this application the driver can feel safe and calm.
    *** Good reasons to choose a solution for navigation TomTom ***
    Only the navigation application TomTom app offers the following benefits:
    - The most accurate TomTom maps in your pocket - even without a connection to the mobile network.
    - Free maps for the entire period of use. Use only the actual card, and you can quickly get to your destination. Charged with 4 or more full updates per year over the life of the application.
    - The exact definition of the time of arrival at any time of the day due to service IQ Routes.
    - Service "TomTom Speed ??Cameras", which helps to reduce the amount of fines for speeding.
    - Instructions for selecting lanes facilitate passage difficult junctions
    - Spoken street names aloud, you can focus on the road.
    OTHER FEATURES *** ***
    - The navigation 2D/3D
    - Navigate to the address of the contact
    - Search TomTom Places and POI
    - Automatic muting of music
    - Automatic change of day and night mode
    (1) For information about service availability of TomTom HD Traffic or "TomTom Speed ??Cameras" in different countries, see the website
    (2) Spoken street names are available in the following languages: Spanish, Slovak, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian, Italian, Indian, English, Hungarian, Greek, German, French, Flemish, Finnish, Dutch, Danish, Czech, British English, Turkish, Swedish

    Extras. Info: TomTom Europe v1.0 After the offer to download SDCARD about 3.3Gb cards.
    TomTom DA-CH v1.0 After starting the offer to download the map: 725MB
    Tomtom iberia v1.0: After starting the offer to download 543.55 MB
    Quick Installation Guide to Spam

    The links below download the desired *. Apk and archive the content (in this example - Europe)
    - Go to the post with the cards of this release (link above), looking for a map that is specified for your * apk (in this example - Europe_895.4453_810nc) and download it
    - The SD-card of your Android put unarchived * apk (select place for yourself - dalneyshnm you have to install it from the phone)
    - The root of SD-card place the unarchived contents (tomtom folder and all its contents)
    - Open just put the card CONTENT, are on the way tomtom \ com.tomtom.europe \ files \ folder and look for the card (in this example - Europe). There lie several small of files - not obraschatsya attention. Extract the files to this folder, extracted from the archive with the cards (in this example - Europe_895.4453_810nc) - all files, along with the replacement (those few of files). In no case did not throw NOWHERE themselves part of the archive, as well as the folder in which the file (in this example - Europe_895.4453_810nc) - will not fit, file names from the folder copy the folder with the "short name" (in This example - Europe), located at the above path
    - Now insert the SD-card in the phone, and Installation of * apk
    - After installation, turn on the GPS sensor zapukaem program. By Internet - not connected! If done correctly, the first after a long run - will open with a map in 3D mode - congratulations!
    - If the program will start to complain about the lack of a network, and offer to go - go. Apparently - you try to install the original * apk, signed electronic certificate SignApk - run ® LuckyPatcher by ChelpuS (phone must be rutovan, Superuser installed). From the list of programs found TomTom Selects programs (in our example - Europe) - in comments LuckyPatcher report that found the license check (License Verification). Choose option - Open Menu of Patches, the drop-down box -> Remove License Verification!, In the new window -> Auto Modes!, Hereinafter - "ptichkuem" several windows -> Auto mode! (Inverse) Other patches (Extreme mode)! Apply Patch to dalvik-cashe!. Make sure that the "birds" are not "flocking" - if lost - again "optichkuyte." After that - click below Apply, and stores patience ... Patcher over time will give out "the result of work" - what patches are installed, etc. (I have three pieces he showed the patch).
    - Close the patcher, turn GPS sensor, run the program. If done correctly, the first after a long run - will open with a map in 3D mode - congratulations!

    Release Date: 2012
    Version: 1.0
    Developer: TomTom
    Site Developer:
    Language: Multilingual
    Medicine: Disinfected
    System Requirements: Android 2.2
    place cards on the SDCARD up to 3.7GB (Europe)

    Coverage Area: Iberia = Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Andorra, Canary Islands
    TomTom Europa v1.0 - AD, AT, BE, CH, CZ, DE, DK, EE, ES, FI, FR, GB, GR, HU, IC, IE, IT, LI, LT, LU, MC, MT, NL, NO, PL, PT, SE, SI, SK, SM, VA, RU (42%), LV (63%), BG (53%), HR (60%).
    TomTom_D-A-CH_v1.0___ed_by_Blackcrowned_ Germany, Austria, Czech Republic
    TomTom Western Europa v1.0 - West Europe
    TomTom.USA_-_Canada_v1.0 - U.S. and Canada

    [​IMG] | |
    Code: TomTom.part01.rar TomTom.part02.rar TomTom.part03.rar TomTom.part04.rar TomTom.part05.rar TomTom.part06.rar TomTom.part07.rar TomTom.part08.rar TomTom.part09.rar TomTom.part10.rar TomTom.part11.rar
    [b]Link Mirror:[/b]
    [b]Link Mirror:[/b]

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