TomTom Maps of Europe v870.3460 for iPhone

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    TomTom Maps of Europe v870.3460 for iPhone | 2.23 GB

    State whose territory is covered at 99.9%: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Vatican, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Canary Islands, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Estonia.

    State whose territory is covered in part: Greece 84%, Turkey 63%, Russia 42%, Bulgaria 54% Latvia 63%, 42% of Croatia, including the major cities and coastal areas, Ukraine 38%.
    Set by Installous, since the file over 2 GB.

    Ext. Information:

    Since the work of the new firmware 1.7 does not have significant differences from the previous 1.6, a reliable instrmenta on manufacturing ipa file based on it yet, author decided to publish a new map of Europe based on firmware 1.6.
    The card contains the official radars TomTom updated in late April and unlocked for a number of countries. Russian TTS. The remaining features are standard for this type of card and firmware 1.6.
    Members area countries that are not covered by official indicating system of radars TomTom, spread system SCDB for firmware 1.6

    Installation instructions: unzip, copy the contents of the first folder in the map file is copied to the folder mapsettings.cfg Documents/Europe870Map replacing the existing one. Remember that there are your PRI, which then have to restore handles. This naborchik not suitable for flashing

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