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Discussion in 'XBOX 360 Gamesaves' started by TutorialBot, Jun 10, 2010.

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    Well, here's one of my MediaFire folders, there's tons of saves, random mod tools, ect in there. Enjoy, I'll keep uploading saves as they come to me.

    Just crossed the 1000 File Line Uploading some old old old secret Halo 2 Modding programs, will upload TONS more when I get home from school today as well as some more saves.

    MediaFire Folder Link:
    Took ages to upload, and this is one of the last good sources for gamesaves since gamesaving sites seem to be disappearing, or becoming dysfunctional. So +rep.

    Also, see This thread posted by iLegend, for a shorter and organized list of saves and tools. (Rather than fish through over 1000 files lol xD)
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