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    Things you need:
    • Xbox 360 HDD caddy
    • Torx T5 screwdriver
    • PC with SATA connection or a USB SATA adapte
    - Or xbox HDD transfer cable

    1. Plug in the HDD
    2. Run Xport 360


    Xport will auto detect your HDD, continue > Ok

    4. Open Partition 3 > Profile ID > Forza 3 Folder



    5. Drag & Drop photo file on your desktop or any folder

    6. Then open wxPIRS> and the photo file


    In that file there will be the photos you have taken in Forza 3, the folder names being whatever you called the photo ingame. Once you get to this stage, you simply click on the left column on whichever folder you want, which will bring up some info on the right. The file you want is called Thumb - you need to right click on this file and select Export. Select a location, but before clicking ok, add .bmp to the end.

    Finally, open this file within a Photo Editor of your choice, save as the format you want and upload and show off your rides.

    Note that pictures extracted from Forza 3 using this method are 416x234 resolution

    I do not claim credits for this tutorial

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