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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by DavidGT650R, May 16, 2012.

  1. DavidGT650R

    DavidGT650R New Member

    So what makes Verbatim so much better than Memorex in terms of quality? And since Verbatim is so much better why cant I find them locally? The first disks I purchased were Memorex from walmart because it was a late at night and no one else was open... and of course Memorex was all they had...had to try 2 different walmarts. Anyway so I burned my first disk and I would continuallly get disk unreadable and play dvd and all that...anyway I searched all over for Verbs. Walmart, Best Buy, Sams, Office Depot, basically anytime I go to a store that would carry blank media. All I can find are Memorex DL. Best Buy had Verbs but theyre $20 for a 5 pack. And everywhere else either doesnt have them or they dont have DL. Im pretty much done with Memorex. Ive only used 1 Verb. but my 360 instantly recognises it as a game and I have no trouble with it. I guess Ill just order from Xconsoles from now on. Sorry to go on and on haha
  2. scubasteve

    scubasteve Newbie

    Verbatim are the best and will always be the best.
    You get what you pay for.

    I never had a problem with these DL Disks....

    Verbatim 8.5GB 2.4X DVD+R DL 50 Packs Spindle Disc Model 96577
    $44.99 Free Shipping
    I usually wait ever year for a black friday (I paid $32.99 FShipping) and purchase two 50 packs.
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  3. izerom

    izerom Substitute Teacher

    Yes Verbatim is my favorite choice.

    I remember when I had Memorex games, 99% of games failed hahaha.

    If you're on a budget go with TDK

    And here are Verbatims at the best deal you get
  4. Ghost ic0n

    Ghost ic0n Helpful Member*

    I buy my Verbs from XConsoles.
  5. i24

    i24 Administrator Staff Member

    I always used Memorex. They seem to work perfectly on BenQ,Lite On drives but had a little problem when it came to Samsung drives.

    Memorex just make the XBOX DVD drive work a little harder which means it can wear it out faster.
  6. izerom

    izerom Substitute Teacher

    Yeah, exactly it wears the drive out.
    Matter of fact that's probably the reason my other dvd drives broke down haha.
    I just use Verbs and TDK now and nothing wrong to this xbox, had it for 2 yrs.
  7. Ghost ic0n

    Ghost ic0n Helpful Member*

    Plus, iXtreme Burner MAX is only compatible with Verbs. Meaning if you want perfectly burned games, you need Verbs.

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