What Has Become Of This Site?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by R0ckoria, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. R0ckoria

    R0ckoria Well-Known Member

    I have come back after about 5 months or so. What happened here? The forums are dead, right now there is only one other person online. Seriously, what the hell happened?
  2. i24

    i24 Administrator Staff Member

    Sadly people come back and leave all the time and some just leech.
  3. Ghost ic0n

    Ghost ic0n Helpful Member*

    That pretty much sums things up.

    As for me (even though you may not be interested in knowing), I'm looming around for the love of the community and this site. I honestly think it deserves a lot more activity keeping the devoted Staff Members in mind.
  4. kharlisson

    kharlisson Newbie

    yea i dont know what happened, i think with all the free sites going crazy, this and that, people faded away. some private torrent sites make it easier, then worrying about links going down this and that.
  5. izerom

    izerom Substitute Teacher

    I've just returned to check upon my students.
    How art thee?
  6. Ghost ic0n

    Ghost ic0n Helpful Member*

    Words cannot describe nor endeavor to aid one in merely fathoming the hatred that encompasses my mind and body when I ingest such illusory blasphemies.

    ~ Boss Statement a product of being izerom's student.

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