what music are you into!!

Discussion in 'Music Discussions' started by IxXFinnyXxI, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. iwellkillu

    iwellkillu Senior Member

    Nicki Minaj has to be the best..
  2. Shine

    Shine Member

    Dubstep ;)
  3. AllStarRM17

    AllStarRM17 Respected Uploader

    I listen to a lot of different music. Especially old Nas, Staind and Eminem. I've gotten into older Nelly Furtado, love 90's R&B, as well as classic rock and R&B. 90's music in general is great to listen to. Things like Pearl Jam, Blues Travelers, Spin Doctors, Korn and such. As for music from nowadays, I don't like much. I've seen Kayne live and I was so glad it was for free. He was horrible. Drake's flow and lyrics are about as good as the smell of the crap I just took. Niki Manji is hot, but not good at all. I would rather here MC Lyte, Foxy Brown, or Lil Kim. Hip-hop's best days are behind it for now. Hopefully someone steps up and brings it back. Even Eminem has fallen off. The last great hip-hop album I've heard was Nas' last album from 2008.
  4. musicforall01

    musicforall01 Member

    I love rock and metal music. Does anyone like Children of Bodom or Stratovarius :cloud9:
  5. vitamine

    vitamine Member

    I love almost any music. But well my favorite is classic rock
  6. dan73

    dan73 Member

    i like C.C.Catch,Blue Sistem
  7. giahuy1409

    giahuy1409 Newbie

    Rock , Rap . Avenged Sevenfold , Hollywood Undead , Eminem :angel1::dance::dance: .
  8. codsta.123@hotmail.com

    codsta.123@hotmail.com Newbie

    I believe the most meaningful lyrics are in hardcore songs.
    My 3 favourite bands are Asking Alexandria, Escape the fate and A Day To Remember,
    If you dont mind a bit of screaming,
    Then check them out on youtube :)
  9. mikele13

    mikele13 Newbie

    Dj Optick-Steve Lawler-Carl Cox-Erick Morillo-Roger Sanchez
  10. allwaysfair

    allwaysfair Member

    I like pop , michael jackson :happy1:

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