Why Cant I Uninstall Apps From Cydia

Discussion in 'Tutorials for Apple Devices' started by Ririe, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Ririe

    Ririe Well-Known Member

    i have a few apps on my cydia that i really have no need for at all anymore, but they wont go away.

    if they are actuall apps when i hold then delete they come back affter respring. Tweaks and stuff that you can only see in cydia will fail when uninstalling. I think it says somthing about debain packager failing

    anyone know wats goin on and how to fix
  2. i24

    i24 Administrator Staff Member

    Never had a problem with this.

    Cydia apps must be unistalled thru cydia and not holding down until the "X" pops up.
    You can download an app from cydia itself to be able to unistall cydia apps this way (holding down)
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  3. Ririe

    Ririe Well-Known Member

    No I have Cydelete that does let u uninstall them that way buteven when i try and do it the normal way i starts to uninstall then about 25% its has so red typing then the button to return to cydia pops up and it never uninstalls.

    any one got any ideas?

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